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Marriage Talk

These are talks Dr. Donovan and his Wife Pastor Christine had on the Lunch Time Show with Marco Jacobs on CCFM Radio Station.


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Marriage - Part #1 ~ Dr. Donovan & Pastor Christine Jacobs


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Marriage - Part #2 ~ Dr. Donovan & Pastor Christine Jacobs

My soul Bleeds for the Femicide

My soul is bleeding for all this femicide in South Africa

My heart bleeds for all our women and children that are dying so unnecessarily at the hands of lawless and unregenerate men. I believe that not only is my soul bleeding, but the soul of our nation collectively is bleeding as well. It is indeed a dark time for all of us in South Africa. My prayers and support are with those families and loved ones who are going through this. No words can bring enough comfort at a time like this. May God grant their families comfort in this time.

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