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My soul Bleeds for the Femicide

My soul is bleeding for all this femicide in South Africa

My heart bleeds for all our women and children that are dying so unnecessarily at the hands of lawless and unregenerate men. I believe that not only is my soul bleeding, but the soul of our nation collectively is bleeding as well. It is indeed a dark time for all of us in South Africa. My prayers and support are with those families and loved ones who are going through this. No words can bring enough comfort at a time like this. May God grant their families comfort in this time.


The scourge of violence against women, children and femicide is astonishing and an utter disgrace in a country where women-led and took up the fight for justice and fairness for all South Africans. The women from “1956” bravely took action for the freedom we have today. That is the courage and will that we must emulate and show today. As a collective in this country, we have failed our women and it is time for all of us to come together and deal with this once and for all. Enough is enough.

We are all experiencing anger, disgust, the worst of emotions towards these perpetrators that have caused all of this pain to innocent lives. What is so ironic for me is that these men and boys who are killing women and children are the very ones who are raised by our women who become the very victims of the men they raised. There is something so wrong in all of this.

There is a wave of collective anger that is busy rising and you see this very clearly with all the posts on social media. The cry of men and women are busy forming a “flood of change” because we will not take this abuse anymore. We are crying for those women and children who are suffering abuse and can't do anything about their situation. Women and children being killed off as if it's a fashion statement. Yes, the killing of women, femicide is in the fashion these days.

We have to stand up against this. But we cannot stand up with another fashion statement. We have to stand for the Truth. Where is the statement of years ago, " it takes a village to bring up a child”? We have to bring that ideology back to our communities again.

Today we see that our communities are OK with the fact that our young school girls, aged 16 and younger can go out with men 30 years and older, worse giving their bodies to these older men. We see our that our communities are OK that our boys 16 years and younger are smoking weed on street corners just because it's being legalized. Or better yet, allowing your under-age children to smoke weed in the backyard, saying at least they not on the street. But what happens when they get drugged so out of their mind, not knowing what their next action will be and you are not around?

Is it not illegal still for children under the age of 18 to go buy liquor and cigarettes? Our communities do not frown upon these things anymore. It has become a norm. This is utter lawlessness that is allowed on a small scale in our backyards and we are ok with it?

I believe that we have to start putting these things straight in our own homes first and then in our own communities. We have to wake up and speak up. We cannot turn a blind eye when we see these little “abuses” and then walk away. These are our children, daughters, sisters and mothers, these are our own being kidnapped, raped and abused. We have to address these atrocities in our homes , streets and communities first. This is how we will win back our communities, one house at a time.

Going further, Our Men are not Trash. They are created in the image of God, and so are our women and children. I refuse to go with a slogan or fashion statement that “men are trash” and allow my young girls and boys to grow up with this. My girls will never hear that their daddy is trash. They will never hear from me that their brothers are trash because they are not. If men are trash , will you be OK if men say that : women are sluts? Change and correction starts within our homes and communities first.

We need to become much more sensitive to what is going on in our world around us. This needs to stop. But let us stand together for the real Truth. Let us stand against the real filth of what is going on.

Our Government needs to execute the laws around our communities and not only send in the army because gangsterism is out of control. But let me tell you ,policing is not enough. A few weeks ago, the army was deployed in the gang-ridden areas on the Cape Flats but you have you noticed that, the crime stats and the bodies piling up have shown us that policing and the army is not enough.

Marching to parliament is not enough , Prayer meetings are not enough. Women fighting for equal rights are not enough. We must do all that , but that is not enough.

We have to start at home , like they say , Charity starts at home. We need to become vigilant all of the time. Let us start at home and educate our young boys and men how to properly treat our girls and young women. As we raise our boys, we must teach young boys about respect, responsibility, about equality and the value and power of women to help them build successful and loving homes. Let us teach our young girls to properly respect themselves first and young boys and men. God has vested His Likeness, His Image and His Authority in both male and female , boys and girls.

I applaud everyone who is saying something at this critical time. You have a voice , use it. We need an army of men and women to raise our voices again so that this country can be rid of all these crimes , not just femicide. My simple voice that I want to add to this conversation is simply this : Let’s start again at home and let our children hear the truth from us first. We can talk for many more years to come, we will feel aggrieved at all this crime that is going on in South Africa. We can arrange prayer meetings and commissions of inquiry , but if we do not start in our own homes , then we will keep seeing these appalling crimes. Let’s start, with our charity, at our homes. God bless South Africa.