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Dr. Donovan and Pastor Christine Jacobs

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Dr. Donovan along with his north star Pastor Christine is the overseers of Ecclesia Kingdom Community.

Dr. Donovan has over 20 years’ experience serving in various leadership roles within the body of Christ.

God called Dr. Donovan 3 times and the third time, he obeyed the call. The church called Ecclesia was officially dedicated to the Lord in February of 2010.

Dr. Donovan yielded to the call of God on his life and he and his wife were graciously released by the leadership and members of Lighthouse Christian Centre to pursue that call. A multicultural church was born in the heart of Heideveld, the centre of the Universe!

Dr. Donovan carries a clear apostolic mandate to raise the current and coming generation of worshippers to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. He has a father’s heart and he is passionate about equipping people everywhere to have an intimate relationship with the Father. He has a strong belief that the Kingdom of God must be established in every sphere of life and that believers everywhere must GROW UP AND GO UP in God!

Pastor Christine Jean Jacobs - wife to Senior Pastor of EKC and mother to two beautiful girls Hadassah and Rebecca.

She has been involved in Christian ministry for all her adult life and is passionate about people and seeing lives changed by reconnecting them to their Father.

Her message is defined that everyone has been created with a God given purpose and at the right time it will be released to fulfill the plan of God. She loves youth! Reaching and connecting with them in this day and age is a high priority for her. She believes in order to keep the energy of youth alive one must be careful not to stifle them in their passions but merely direct them into their destinies. Pastor Christine has a clear mandate to love the Lord in the beauty of holiness and commands this respect wherever she goes. She flows strongly in discernment of spirits and uses this gift to impact all generations in the body of Christ.

She loves her husband’s preaching style and the input he has in her life, and because of this her heartbeat is to bring women to a place of maturity. She believes growth is fundamental in ones walk with God and her favorite saying is “Here we grow again”.