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EKC Worship

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How we Started

We are kings, and we are priests

EKC Worship was birthed out of a desire to express the dichotomy of our walk in the kingdom as Kings and Priests.

As priests, we have an altar to Worship God, As Kings, we have a throne to administrate the resources of this world to those in need.

 When we bring them together, we come close to the image and the likeness of God as expressed through the Imago Dei.

 As a kingdom of worshippers, musicians, singers and writers, our theology is reflected by our hymnology which reflects our ecclesiology.

 Our desire as kings and priests is to accurately reflect the Imago Dei in spirit and in truth because you become like whom you worship. This is why we are alive, this is why EKC Worship has been birthed. We love God, and we love people!

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