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Our Children's Church

EKC Children

Our Children's Church ministry is a stepping stone in the development of our children’s personalities, giftings and ministries. We enrich our children with fun activities, games, songs and bible stories. We encourage them to access the bible at an early age to help them frame their own worlds. Hebrews 11 vs. 3.

We are dedicated to the spiritual growth of each child and create an environment of trust to encourage confidence in themselves and their future.

We know that when we train up a child in the way that they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it! We instil in them the truth, that what they have to say is valuable and precious.

We do this by using a simple word tool called: “when I talk”

When I talk

When I talk, you listen

When you talk, I listen (Math 5v 33)

  • WHY
    • Because I respect you
    • And you must respect me. (Phil 2v 3)
  • WHY
    • Because God does not make any junk (Gen 1 v 26)
  • WHY
    • Because my name is inscribed in the palm of His Hands (Isa 49v 16)
  • WHY
    • Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made
    • Marvellous are the works of His hands (Psalm 139 v 14)
  • WHY
    • Because He wants me to grow up
    • Grow up in Wisdom
    • Grow up in Stature
    • Grow up in Favour, with God and with man (Luke 2 v 52)
  • WHY
    • So that I can fulfil my kingdom purpose for this generation (Acts 13v36)