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Training & Development

EKC training & Development


A community of believers living out their purpose in Christ and fulfilling the mandate and call of the church


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the training and development Team is to equip God’s people with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to firstly understand their identity in Christ and secondly release them into their purpose in the Kingdom of God.


 This is achieved through the following broad goals:

  • By developing a church culture which fosters and encourages values of continued individual growth, through the realignment of our thinking and behaviour. This implies hearing, receiving and acting on the truth of God’s word, which He adds to us line upon line, precept upon precept. 
  • To enhance the structure and perfect flow of each church ministry by servicing, supporting and ensuring perfect fit between the relevant ministry and each of its members.
  • Through supporting the pastoral team to ensure that the vision, mandate and call given to them for the church is carried out in each of the church ministries.
  • By targeting the unengaged and encouraging them to identify and utilise their talents and spiritual gifts within a specific church ministry so that they can fulfil their individual purpose as well as contribute to fulfilling the church’s vision as a whole.
  • Our aim as the training and development team is to serve with excellence at all times, thereby demonstrating our values of diligence, integrity and honour.

There are currently two organisations through which the training and development team achieve these goals: